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Fullerton, California Printing, Copying, Signs, Banners, Web Design, SEO, Shipping, Packaging, Notary Services and Mailbox Rentals.

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About Us

There's a story behind The Complete Package. The following article was written by Libby Cummins for The Fullerton Tribune.

A tribute to a husband and Dad on Father's Day

My husband Bob, has always made time for our kids. For our athletic teenage son, he has been a constant presence as a coach or volunteer for baseball, football, soccer, surfing, and, most recently, snow boarding (he earned a broken elbow for his participation in that one).

Bob also has a strong work ethic that he is passing on to our son by ensuring he earns money through "chores".

Our son is lucky to have a Dad who cares, he knows it, and he loves his father for the time he spends with him.

We also have an adult daughter. Lauren is a gentle soul who is high functioning autistic. This disability that affects so many children these days makes it difficult for Lauren to communicate and learn simple tasks. She needs routine and shuts down when the patterns in her life are altered.

Perhaps the most profound part of her affliction is that she cannot show joy or affection. But this has never stopped my husband from looking for ways to make her life enjoyable and useful.

Lauren loves the Anaheim Angels, so he bought season tickets and taught her to keep score. Lauren is fond of Science Fiction and "Anime" (Japanese Animation). Bob ensures that she has every Anime video and attends the Star Track conventions (yes, she has a Star Fleet costume).

For her part, despite her disability, Lauren is very persistent; she wants to learn and be productive.

She graduated from Fullerton Union High School in 1999 and moved on to Fullerton College for several years. There, despite good support from the disabled student center, she found the going to difficult. So, Bob looked for another path.

Through special services from the Regional Center, and after years of rejection at numerous interviews, and with her spirit almost broken, at long last Wal-Mart gave Lauren a chance.

She does not understand money, making it impossible for her to make change, nor can she drive, or interact meaningful with customers to answer questions. Still, it seemed they'd found a good match … her job was stocking the infant's department. Her face beamed with price as she put on her Wal-Mart smock.

Unexpectedly, nearing the end of her probationary period, Laruen was fired. We later learned that she was let go because she was unable to interact with customers who complained.

Her heart was broken. Lauren, who is unable to express emotion, cried for days.

But, her dad was there when the distraught call came from Wal-Mart … and to help plan her future. It became obvious to him that he needed to take matters into his own hands.

Bob decided to open a business to give Lauren something to do and to give meaning to her life. He chose a venture that would be simple and routine and would allow for flexible part-time hours for Lauren.

Bob would work as her supervisor, ensuring that she would have a patient boss. He also wanted to ensure the people she interacted with would understand, be patient and supportive.

In short, he intended to create an environment that would help her grow to her full potential.

A Special Fathers Day! Two weeks ago my wonderful husband, this awesome dad and our special daughter had their grand opening. Bob opened "The Complete Package" at the intersection of Brea and Harbor, in the Fullerton Towers, on the lower southeast corner of the building.

The business consists of shipping (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc…), office supplies, notary services, signs, banners, balloons, packaging materials and a coffee bar.

Of course, Bob does all the work; he left behind a cushy job that allowed him to golf on Fridays for 14-hour days and mentoring his disabled daughter.

Lauren can't do much … yet. But the little she can do, cleaning and delivering coffee, fills her with pride and a sense of purpose.

The people in the buildings have been wonderful; they understand her disability and have shown patience and understanding.

I encourage you to stop by and say "hi" to Bob and Lauren.

Since this article was published, The Complete Package moved to a bigger and better location across the street from the Fullerton Towers at, 1435 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92835.

View the original article here.